Toilet College

In a smoky Kichijoji cafe yesterday, I tried to catch up with some of the news that I have missed recently. There’s normally something so puzzling I spend the rest of the week wandering around shaking my head muttering to myself. I have to explain to people, “Trust me, I’m not mad. I’ve just been reading the news”.  

Anyway, this week I read about how students are preparing for their upcoming university entrance exams. The students are working hard. But they are getting worried, worried about loose bowels. Over a third of students claim this is their biggest fear.

Fortunately there is a new iPhone application to save them. Named Toilet College, the application provides you with a map and information on the toilets close to train stations and universities. 

Toilet College has had over 30,000 downloads, according to the Shukan Bunshun report. That’s some public service. The toilets are even graded, although as far as I could gather, there are no live status updates.

This level of exam preparation is quite special. There was nothing like it during my tender teenage years.  Just something about eating a proper breakfast is all I can remember, preferably not a vindaloo.

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