Shanghai Ladies

The women of Shanghai can’t stay away from me. To be fair, I haven’t given them much chance. Immediately after arriving at Pudong airport I went straight into the Ladies, accidentally of course, a disastrous start which I have been trying to make up for ever since.

Nanjing Road, Shanghai

I was just too late for the 7 minute, 268 mph maglev ride into the city centre. Instead I shared a 45 minute coach ride with half the population of Shanghai. The coach was so packed, the driver could barely reach the gear-stick. I was on the second step up, desperately trying not to push too strongly against the lady on the bottom step. 

Somehow, amongst this melee, a cheery lady bus conductor wriggled through collecting 20 Yuan fares from everybody (1o Yuan is about one pound).

I wanted to get dropped off at People’s Square. Only knowing the Mandarin for people, renmin, I thought I might have a problem. There are 19 million of them living in Shanghai. Luckily enough, the lady conductor knew my renmin, and kindly indicated when I should get off. 

Since then, I have been walking under the skyscrapers, enjoying the fresh air and quality food. A Taiwan beef noodle soup lunch cost me 30 Yuan. The tasty tender beef and rich oily broth compensated for a horrendous hash brown-less ‘British Breakfast’ in my hostel.  

I have visited Nanjing Road, a busy and popular pedestrianised shopping street. My Japanese housemate had pre-warned me about being swindled along here. He’d been conned into paying for an expensive dinner for a girl he’d met on the street.

I just had 8 people wanting to sell me crappy looking watches. Later in the day, even more oddly, several women approached me offering to give me a message. I don’t know anybody in Shanghai though, so I turned down their offer.

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2 Responses to Shanghai Ladies

  1. Lola says:

    Shanghai is biggest city in China; therefore, people from everywhere in China flew into Shanghai…Not everybody in Shanghai is Shanghainese. Real Shanghainese only occupy around 1/3 of the 19 million of the population though. Especially, we, Shanghainese usually don’t like to hang out in the pedestrianised street. People from other cities really took our honors away to be a “swindled” person. Shame! The title Shanghai ladies seems unfair to us…. Ladies in Shanghai? lol

  2. Martin says:

    I love that city too… 🙂

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