The Big Buddha

The big bronze Buddha in Kamakura does not look too happy, and to be fair he has good reason to be upset. First, his wooden temple home was washed away in a tsunami, then his chair was damaged by a huge earthquake, and now his secret life living with Jesus has been exposed in a popular manga story.

Buddha is not impressed.


But it`s not all bad for the big Buddha, President Obama came to visit him late last year, and yesterday I popped in to say hello. I`m not sure why but he looked pretty pissed off, somebody had plonked a glass of One Cup Sake in front of him. It`s cheap crap conbini booze, although when you`re a homeless beggar, Buddhist or not, you shouldn`t really refuse anything.

Another pissed-off man, the ice-cream seller, was sat just outside the big Buddha. His newly-released Obama-cha (green tea ice-cream) was not selling well. Tourists have been staying away from the old capital of Kamakura which has been victim to scheduled blackouts as well as the ongoing brownout.

The tour group I was with did our best to cheer the seller up, we all ordered 400 yen sweet potato and green tea ice-creams. Dinner, dessert and a drink all blended on top of a crispy cornet, they were a taste sensation. Perhaps even the big Buddha would like one.

All the way from India and this is how he gets treated.

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