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Stomach cancer and a cream crepe

This week, I have mostly been watching films, particularly old black and white ones that I don`t understand.  Most of my life is spent not understanding, it`s normal, but even I was shocked at how little I understand of this film below – and … Continue reading

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Golden Gai notes: Pumpkins, heho and sumio.

9:17pm Leave Shinjuku hotel for Golden Gai (a nest of drinking dens).  I promise myself I`ll be back in bed by 11pm.

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Robot Guts

For ten years, a spaceship has been parked in the port of tsunami-hit Ishinomaki.  The locals don`t mind though. Inside the 3 storey landmark is a museum dedicated to the works of local man, Shotaro Ishinomori, the `king of manga`.

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Cherry blossom sushi

Part of me is adamantly vegetarian. It insists eating animals is unethical and unhealthy. Another part of me, which controls the movement of my mouth, wants everything on the menu quickly, in great quantities and with no arguments. The greedy part always triumphs, sometimes with bizarre consequences.

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Stepping sometimes stumbling

5 years ago I entered a 15 legged race. Not on my own. That would have been ridiculous. I was racing alongside 13 Japanese teachers at a High school sports day.

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