Failing to climb Mount Fuji

It takes 6-8 hours to climb Mount Fuji from the 5th station at the Subashiri Trail.  That`s according to the guide book anyway.  Last Wednesday, it took me and a lady in my tour group 5 hours just to get halfway.

She was exhausted from the climb (not from my company).  She was also getting dizzy with symptoms of tozanbyo (altitude sickness).  Short of sticking her in my backpack, I could see no option but to descend. 

I was disappointed not to reach the summit, but the climb we managed was still an incredible experience.  Sitting in silence on a cold and wet rock in the dark may not sound like fun, but I encourage you all to give it a go.  

In 5 hours, we saw less than 10 climbers on the trail.  Tourists are still staying away from Tokyo and Mount Fuji.  Now is the ideal time to climb to the usually packed peak. 

The start of the climb at the 5th station of the Subashiri trail.


The highlight of the climb, shikanabe (deerstew) at Higashifujisanso at the 5th station.


The sixth station hut, home to some Last of the Summer Wine-esque old Japanese blokes serving hot drinks, fish sausages and offering lodgings.


The prettiest part of the Subshiri Trail between the 5th and 6th stations.


Looking up at the peak from near the 5th station. This was the best view we had in the 3 days we spent around the mountain.

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2 Responses to Failing to climb Mount Fuji

  1. Muzuhashi says:

    This is good news (good news that there aren’t many people, that is, not good news that you had to come back down!) – my brother-in-law is climbing in the next couple of weeks (well, that’s the plan anyway) so he’ll be glad not to get stuck in a queue – at least a couple of people I know have given up near the top because it was just too crowded.

  2. tomointokyo says:

    I was most disappointed to miss out on the ramen breakfast and vending machine coffee at the top.

    If we had kept climbing, we `d still be there now I think. Hope your brother-in-law has more luck. It might be busier for him. Our attempt was in midweek, in the rainy season with a crap weather forecast.

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