Selling my treasures to Tokyo

Yesterday in oppressive 38 degree heat,  I took part in Meiji Park flea market.  My 5 a-side football team were running a stall to raise club funds. 

Ken-chan sits in the sun selling our treaures. Yasu, the team captain, watches on with a can of beer and a bottle of Gatorade.

It was my first flea market.  At first, I was suspicious of the whole idea, I feared I`d be the main attraction – my cruddy cotton shirt was grubby enough to feed every flea in Tokyo.   

Fortunately, the fleas stayed away, but so did my customers.  While our stall took over 70,000 yen, my contribution was a mere 100 yen.  The only item I sold was an old Afro Tanaka manga.  Even this wasn`t bought by a customer, but by Ken-chan, our sympathetic goalkeeper. 

I have listed below my unsold treasures.  Feel free to start the bidding.  No pranksters, serious offers only please.

An unopened Celine Dion CD.  I`ll throw in some cash if you take this off my hands.  

2 pocket raincoats

A small plate with a rhinoceros picture on it 

A kicking shuttlecock

A wooden bowl

A mini table-tennis bat keyring

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