Beat the heat with eel

Eating eel is a popular way of relieving the effects of  natsubate  (summer exhaustion).  Today is national eel eating day. 

Yoshinoya fast food chain advert claiming, `Summer Is Eel And Rice`. As if we did not know that already.

The story of the magical healing power of unagi (eel) is a bit of a con,  an old sales trick.  Old tricks mesmerise me though, and I love being part of a crowd.  So, I joined twenty odd others packed into a small traditional diner in Ningyocho today for an eel lunch.  All the diners were sat on tiny wooden chairs or on the tatami floor.


My eel about to make its final journey in Owada`s Eel restaurant, Ningyocho.


The steamed eel was tender and refreshing.  I liked it, sprinkling tangy sansho pepper  on it made it even better.   The whole custom confuses me and inspires me.  But overall I think,  Eel Eating Day makes Japan great.   

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