Nakano Broadway sets the pulse racing

I get far too excited when I go to Nakano Broadway.  The area is well-known as a geek and collector-freak paradise.  I love it there.  My eyes and heartbeat race as I drift amongst the tiny crowded stores in the 4 floor building.  

The pictures of scantily clad girls could be partly to blame.  There are plenty of them about.  But I am more worried my excitement may be related to stationery.

Visiting last year, I found the quality and range of fake food erasers to be breathtaking.  At 100 yen a food item, they were good value too. 

I was inspired to buy a gift, my niece being the lucky recipient on her 9th birthday.  Apparently,  she was delighted with her green tea and sushi eraser set.

On Friday it`s my niece`s birthday again.  I returned to Nakano planning to get her some different Japanese stationery cuisine.  Unfortunately, the eraser craze has ended.  The only fake food goods on sale now are on the end of key rings.  

It`s a terrible shame, and not very sensible either.  For example, a doughnut eraser has a practical use and is pleasing to the eye.   A doughnut key ring is neither.  I hope for my niece`s next birthday the retailers show some common sense.

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