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Looking for somebody who knows

I regularly surprise myself with how little I know.  Not knowing much about anything important is just an unfortunate fact of life that I need to face up to.  What`s far more frightening though is that nobody else seems to knows … Continue reading

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Struggling to fit in

Trying to fit in with life in Japan is physically as well as mentally a challenge.  The mental problems begin in the head; the physical problems start with the feet.

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Morning in Nishiogikubo

For many foreigners, living in Japan is easy; the wages are comfortable,  the crime threat is low, and locals generally let you do what you want.  Language and cultural differences are an inconvenience, but no more.  The biggest challenge for long-term life here is the … Continue reading

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Losing my itinerary

Nine years ago, I was teaching English to Japanese housewives, office girls and bored salarymen.  A popular drill exercise was turning statements into questions. 

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Talking fish at the coffee shop

Sometimes I feel Japan has about 18 months to live.  The threat of nuclear apocalypse, real and imagined, is quite depressing.  It`s either jump on the track of the Yamanote line, listen to The Fall for 24 hours or ideally, go for coffee shop therapy. 

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Hanayashiki fairground, Asakusa

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Pineapple noodles in Nishiogikubo

Opening a shop that specialises in bowls of pineapple noodles (pain ramen) may sound more like a drunken dare than a serious business move.  But in my Nishiogikubo home, a local man has done just that.

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