Pineapple noodles in Nishiogikubo

Opening a shop that specialises in bowls of pineapple noodles (pain ramen) may sound more like a drunken dare than a serious business move.  But in my Nishiogikubo home, a local man has done just that.

Pineapple ramenyasan papapapapain, as it`s called, opened at the end of June.  Two cynical men living in my guesthouse predict it will close at the end of September. 

A Tokyo first, it`s certainly controversial; many locals I have spoken to are afraid to go there.  It seems chiefly popular with 女women and courageous, curious 男men – like myself.

A refreshing taste, pain ramen is a welcome break from the fat feast of standard ramen.  It`s certainly addictive, I have already been 3 times and have a stamp card to prove it.  I recommend it;  just go while you can.

Juicy fruit, tender pork and oily broth - all for just 700 yen.


Please form an orderly queue.

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