The Returning Bonito

The Returning Bonito with comrades Wasabi and Ginger

“For tonight`s dinner, we are having the returning bonito”,  I told my group last night.  We were in a hotel lobby in Kurashiki, Okayama prefecture.  Nobody had a clue what I was talking about, but it`s the 10th day of the tour:  everybody is so used to my drivel by now, they no longer expect to understand what I am saying.

“Did he just speak in Japanese?”

“No, I think he just grunted and squealed”

“Perhaps we should ask him?”

“No no no, don`t do that.  Remember what happened to poor Larry when he dared to speak up”

Anyway, the returning bonito, otherwise known as katsuo modori, was a stunning success.  The bonito`s thick bloody red flesh, fattened up after a summer in the northern waters of Japan, made the best-tasting and best-looking dish of the evening.

English, Welsh and American group at start of Kibi plain bike ride

Pagoda at Kokubunji temple in the Kibi plains, Okayama prefecture.

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