Madman in Tokyo: stay well away

Yesterday, I reached the fourth video in the inaugural Tom Orsman Film Festival 2011.  I hope it will be the first festival of many, but somehow I doubt it.  So far, the weeklong event has been an epic farce. 

Just one viewer, Kyoto, joined me in the guesthouse for the first film, a Chinese production, Together.  Apparently, the story is popular in Japan.  The opening credits showed promise: Scenes from traditional rural China lured me in, then the next 17 hours of a nauseating adolescent playing nauseating violin music while his nauseating father cheers him on kicked me further and further away. 

Kyoto liked it, although he does spend most of his waking life watching videos of Korean period-dramas. 

Film two was Adieu L`ami.  The language was French, the subtitles were in Spanish and  I could not work the DVD player.   I gave up after the first bonjours. 

Film three was the Japanese film, Dear Doctor.  Set in a mountain village, it`s the story of a man pretending to be a doctor – for over 3 years.  You don`t need to know anymore.   I wish I knew less.

Finally last night,  Kyoto rejoined me for film four, Tokyo!.  The title is a rare case of a deserved exclamation mark.  Tokyo! is a combination of surreal short films, all shot by foreign directors – they did not make comfortable watching.  Especially the youtube extract from the film Merde I have attached to this post.

Watching the red-haired madman causing havoc on the pavements of downtown Tokyo, Kyoto got confused.

“He must get arrested, surely he`ll get arrested for that.  You just can`t do that.”

I did not get it either, but as a self-appointed ambassador of all things foreign, I felt it was my duty to at least try to explain.  But, I couldn`t. So I just told him the truth.  He is French.

Just one film to go and that will be it for this year`s film festival.  One last chance to get some value from my 1,000 yen bulk rental.  All the signs are promising: It`s old, black and white and I can`t read the title. 

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