Nashi ramen in Nishiogi

Nashi ramen (baked pear and noodles) is a new controversial introduction to the pineapple noodle diner in Nishiogi.  Rumours of its arrival reached our guesthouse last night.  This lunchtime I went with the Korean design student downstairs to investigate.


Pear, peppercorns and fu (wheat gluten) float on salty pork broth soaked bed of noodles.

The baked pear was nice.  The firm noodles were nice.  But, like chocolate and chicken, I am not sure they needed each other. 

At least the special campaign is bringing in customers, limited to 40 bowls each day, apparently I ordered the last one.  At 800 yen each, baked pear noodles are good business.   

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