A terrifying encounter at Aquamarine Fukushima

Monsters lurk in riverbeds in west Japan: Japanese Giant Salamanders.  I never knew about them; perhaps nobody dared tell me.  Last week a visit to the aquarium at Aquamarine Fukushima opened my eyes to the existence of this terrifying beast, I haven`t been able to shut them properly since.

It is looking at me. Even now.


Fortunately, they do not live in Tokyo, but riverside walks on future tours to Kyoto are now off the itinerary.  Its sinister pale monochrome eyes lurk in the back of my memory bank, emerging to the front each bedtime. I could not concentrate on the caption next to the tank for fear of what it might do.  It is the most terrifying creature I have ever seen, and growing up in Devon, that is saying something.  

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