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Nobidome: A canal walk, titillating trees and enlightenment.

A sunny Saturday afternoon and the Nobidome canal walk was deserted.  In this polluted, densely crowded city it was surprising so few people wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to tread on soft soil,  breath crisp, clean air and look at titillating … Continue reading

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Keeping the tents: The anti-nuclear protest at Kasumigaseki

When you are angry with a person its easy to resolve, you can just shout at them, hide halibut under their shoe soles and make snide remarks to fatally undermine their confidence.  These are not nice things to do, but they work.  People usually get the message; then … Continue reading

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Being here not there

The Imperial Palace, the inaccessible heart of central Tokyo, takes up a lot of space.  I walked along the front of its distant, imposing walls late this afternoon, on the way to visit the anti-nuclear protest site nearby.  Workmen on ladders were pruning pine trees, Nike-clad joggers … Continue reading

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“The toughest time”: Tokyo`s anti-nuclear protest

In the bleak government district of Kasumigaseki, two white tents attract a lot of attention.  Erected on the corner of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry building, the tents have been occupied since September 11th, the 6 month anniversary of the earthquake.

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Koiwa: A pine, a pilgrimage and a mountain tsunami.

At a house party last week I met a 27-year-old office girl from Tochigi.  We had a brief but fun conversation.  She giggled a lot, I giggled a little, the main thing I remember was how much she said she liked living in Koiwa, in downtown east Tokyo. 

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Oji: Foxy kids, rat trees and jailbirds.

My mind map of Tokyo quickly goes stale.  It needs regular refreshing.  In an effort to see something new, I took the Nanboku subway line out to Oji on the edge of old Tokyo, a former scenic spot popular with day-trippers.  Oji is not beautiful any more, WW2 bombs burnt down the … Continue reading

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Relationships start with a nod

I like meeting people.  I also like sitting inside eating biscuits.  Sadly I have yet to discover a way to do both.  Sometimes creature comforts have to be sacrificed.  On Sunday I sacrificed warmth and a fried breakfast to take part in the Hitachi Omiya ekiden relay. 

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