Genghis Khan does not make reservations

“Yes, we have a spare room.  Without meals, it will be 4,500 yen.”

“Ok, I`ll take it.”

Perfect, I thought.  The ryokan was right by the Japan Sea in Fukaura, a beautiful little fishing port lying at the foot of the World Heritage Shirakami mountain range.  Out the ryokan window I would be able to see the boats unloading at the port. 

“Could I have your name please?”

“It`s Tom.” 

With this everything changed.  Even over the phone the onset of panic was palpable.  Our conversation stopped.  I could hear her muttering.  “Etto……..etto….doshiyo…..etto.” Uttering my name has never provoked such an extreme reaction.  It was as if I had introduced myself as Genghis Khan and asked her to prepare 10 vats of sake for my visiting hordes.

Chotto, muri no yo desu.” (It appears to be impossible)

I could have argued but that would have neither of us any good.  I thought about throwing a stone through the window but my visa is up for renewal next month.  And I would have missed. 

I am sure she must have a good reason why Tom is impossible.  So I gave up.  I promised myself I`ll go back though.  Just next time I`ll bring a tent.

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2 Responses to Genghis Khan does not make reservations

  1. Rurousha says:

    So up to that point when you revealed your name, the ryokan woman hadn’t even realized she was speaking to Khan’s English cousin?

    Ah well. Next time you can have beef stew for breakfast! 😉

    • tomointokyo says:

      Over the centuries the Mongolian accent has faded into a dulcet Devonian. She has no idea what she missed out on.
      Good point. Beef stew for breakfast. I`ll get up early for that. They might regret inviting me.

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