All work and no play makes……….


You must be bored of summer by now.  It has been going on for long enough.  Just the Olympics alone took 3 and a half years.  Fortunately today marks the start of the watching black and white films in an unintelligible language season.  First up are 1950s historical dramas – in Japanese.

My recommendation (the only one I know) in this category is Sansho the Bailiff by Kenji Mizoguchi.  It has all the necessary qualities of a good film:  pretty girl, stupid boy, lots of cruelty, dashes of humanity – mostly from the pretty girl and some eerie music.

I will just chuck in 5yen`s worth of though on Mizoguchi.  He is supposed a great feminist director, yet all his films I have seen star pretty women.  Is this acceptable to feminists?  And whilst I am on the subject of feminism, do you have to be a woman to understand feminism?  What is feminism anyway? Are feminists pretty?  Can I be a feminist and like pretty women at the same time?  [Urgent warning from brain:  Stop typing outloud Tom, stop NOW]


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2 Responses to All work and no play makes……….

  1. Anonymous says:

    Yea and again I say unto thee hallelujah brother! Praise be!

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