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A date at the launderette.

My washing machine phoned me this morning.  It called me twice actually, the first time with a 5 minute warning, the second call to confirm it had finished its cycle.  It even spoke to me, a flirtatious recorded message asking … Continue reading

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A schoolboy`s tsunami

Last year Oishinbo, a long running manga series about cooking, published a few episodes featuring the tsunami-hit coastline.   I read one of them today,  the story of the lead characters` visit to Yoboso, a natural food restaurant on the Aomori coast in north-east Tohoku.

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Silly suits and funny accents.

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“Who are we? Who are we?” (as sung by Shrewsbury Town fans)

“All men are similar, in soul as well as in body. Each of us has a brain, spleen, heart and lungs of similar construction; and the so-called moral qualities are the same in all of us – the slight variations … Continue reading

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In the last post I mentioned my recent infatuation with cheap, crap coffee shops.  A spreadsheet gave a breakdown of my motivations: 17% desire for the hot beverage, 35% desire for the pastry and 48% desire to rest arse and read manga. My current interest in manga is not a … Continue reading

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Craving a proper cup of tea.

By 2pm yesterday I was in my 3rd coffee shop of the day.  I need to get back to work soon: my heart and wallet can`t cope with this. I can`t avoid them.  Cheap chains cluster around the train stations in Tokyo.  Regularly … Continue reading

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Friday night on the Matsuyama tram

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