In the last post I mentioned my recent infatuation with cheap, crap coffee shops.  A spreadsheet gave a breakdown of my motivations: 17% desire for the hot beverage, 35% desire for the pastry and 48% desire to rest arse and read manga.

My current interest in manga is not a light-hearted whim.  These manga have an important role; they have to help me decide what to do with the rest of my life.

I have quit my job.  Next month I won`t be a tour leader.  Next month I won`t have any money going into my bank account.  Next month I might not be able to afford frivolous spending on hot beverages and sweet pastries.  Could there be anything more tragic?

Yes.  Many many many things.  And I know it`s pathetic, but somehow my anxious mind keeps returning to pastries.

Bloody hell, I could never be a father.

“Sorry son, no dinner again tonight, I had 4 flapjacks at teatime.”

Anyway, what was the purpose of this post?  Flapjacks?  No, unfortunately, it`s a new manga, ideas for life and all that nonsense.

The star of xxxHolic is a high school student called Watanuki with an unconventional part-time job.  He runs various errands for a young witch called Yuko, from making her tea and cutting the lawn to making her hirezake, (fried fin sake) and accompanying her to Ginza to buy a red metal baseball bat to smash a client`s computer with.

Yuko is no ordinary witch.  Her extraordinary appearance would make her an intimidating boss, even without magic powers.  She has a pointed, peach-sized head, pert, pumpkin-sized breasts and towering, ravishing, burdock root-long legs.

Her magic powers are more believable than her physique.

As well as ordering Watanuki around, she also lectures him at the same time as appearing to seduce him:

The world appears huge, without limits, but in reality it`s small, limited to the area you can see, the area you can hear, the area you can reach and the area you can feel.

The world does not exist.  It is something you make.”

(So the world is all self-made manga – some more readable than others.)

Even the smallest of events, the briefest of encounters, influence what happens after.”

She is right about that one.  If I hadn`t picked xxxHolic off the shelf, you wouldn`t have tried to imagine sexy, burdock root legs.  Would you?  Did you?  Are you??????????????

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