A date at the launderette.

My washing machine phoned me this morning.  It called me twice actually, the first time with a 5 minute warning, the second call to confirm it had finished its cycle.  It even spoke to me, a flirtatious recorded message asking me to come and collect.  Sentakuki-chan (an affectionate form of address for a washing machine) is now top of my address book.

Strictly speaking, Sentakuki-chan is not my washing machine.  It lives in a coin laundry a 5 minute walk up the road – anyone can use and abuse it.  I chose Sentakuki-chan because it uses hot water, unlike our guesthouse washing machine.

Most machines in Japan only wash in cold.  Sometimes it is amazing what Japanese technology can do; it`s also amazing what it can`t.  But I suppose cleaning my undergarments would be a challenge for any industrialised nation.

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6 Responses to A date at the launderette.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ohhhhh! No, no, no! Please stop! How did you persuade “undergarments” (undergarments?) and “industrialised nation” into the same sentence? Am laughing under protest and trying not to speculate what you’re doing to get said undergarments into such a state in the first place. Imagine they come comfortably up under your arm pits in the way of all respectable Devonian foundation wear. You may even favour a onesie.

    • tomointokyo says:

      The editor curiously let that one go. He`s been getting a bit slack lately; you might almost wonder if he even exists.
      I won`t try the onesie – not into cosplay.
      Devonian foundation wear? What on earth is that?

  2. tomointokyo says:

    Cosplay means costume play, in other words fancy dress. Harjuku is a famous places to see people doing it and Halloween is a popular time for it. You have to be very drunk, very mad or both.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Don’t worry, googled it. Now, does blogging etiquette require that your respond twice, even though I’ve replied to myself? Russian dolls, halls of mirrors and onions.

    • tomointokyo says:

      Blogging ettiquette demands that you do what you bloody well want. You can just type whatever is floating through your mind……………cooked ham, branston pickle, red leicester cheese, cornish pasty, scotch egg, pork pie, celery, slabs of butter, pickled onions……bloody hell, I am not going to let anybody say anything against British food ever again.

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