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Postscript to the key is in Koreatown.


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The key is in Koreatown

Being unemployed is shrinking my world.  With far more free time but far less money than when I was tour leading, I no longer contemplate nipping overseas for a couple of weeks; now I rarely wander much more than a mile from my guesthouse.

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Soine: Looking for someone to sleep with?

Shio has just split up with her husband.  She misses him most of all at night times; the loneliness drives her to insomnia.  Her sad struggle to sleep alone gives her the idea of setting up a soine (sleep partner) business.  She calls the company Striped Sheep.  … Continue reading

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Duck ducks in Inokashira Park

At lunchtime today I found myself wandering down to Inokashira Park again.  Unemployed people seem to drift to parks naturally.  The tree-lined lake in the park acts like a magnet.  In the same way my belly guides me to the bakery, my lungs and legs drag me down to … Continue reading

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Grapefruit juice in Ginza

I had a job interview at an English conversation school in Ginza this afternoon.  Paranoid about punctuality, I arrived over an hour early.  Following the e-mailed instructions, I found the school straightaway amongst the tall buildings stacked like closely packed dominoes.

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Puchi Road, Kichijoji.

With each passing day it seems to get colder.  For not much longer will red, orange and brown decorate Tokyo`s trees, clothing and seasonal beer cans.  The change seems too quick.  Only last month I was digging out a cardigan for the … Continue reading

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Lost minds in Akihabara

Around Akihabara station, the geek and gadget filled shops contain some weird, questionable stuff.  Wandering around there last week I stumbled across something particularly bizarre. Now I am quite comfortable with the concept, if not the practice, of talking to women.  I am also aware … Continue reading

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