A visit to Tarekatsu in Kichijoji

Tonkatsu (pork cutlet) is the bangers and mash of Japanese cuisine.  It`s a cheap, no frills meal.  The pork simply arrives on a bed of rice with a bowl of miso soup.  The proof though, as they say, lies in the tonkatsu.  As in the UK with sausages, the quality of tonkatsu can vary considerably  –  some are fit for a king, some fit for the cat.

Today I found a royal treat at Tarekatsu, on Inokashiradori in Kichijoji.  All the initial signs were promising.  When I entered at 3pm, it was still busy.  Perched on a stool at the counter, my eyes explored the classy, polished wooden interior.  The service was excellent, as was the crispy deep-fried pork soaked in tare (the Japanese person`s HP sauce).  After a week of vac-pack Japanese curry and toast, it was so rich in flavour I was almost in tears again.  For an extra 150 yen, I even had fried vegetables with it, a real bonus, like the canteen lady adding beans to your bangers and mash.   


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