Puchi Road, Kichijoji.

With each passing day it seems to get colder.  For not much longer will red, orange and brown decorate Tokyo`s trees, clothing and seasonal beer cans.  The change seems too quick.  Only last month I was digging out a cardigan for the first time; now I`m looking for the coats,  scarves and long johns.  Black winter is on its way.

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My God that paragraph was depressing, on so many levels.  Anyway, I`ll give myself one more paragraph to try to retrieve this post from the dustbin and then make my exit.  Just one more paragraph I promise.  I`ll make it focused, so focused even Google earth can`t zoom in on it.  The spotlight falls on Puchi Road.

Puchi Road (Puchi comes from the French word petit) is next to Penny Lane, behind a short walk from Kichijoji station.  Halfway along this brick-paved side street, hangs a sign with a drawing of Marilyn Monroe`s face.  The Marilyn sign is beneath a cafebar called John Henry`s Study, and above an Italian restaurant and from a Jazz cafebar called Scratch, where I ate a curry lunch today.  The only thing traditionally Japanese I could see from my window seat was a rusty old sign, next to Marilyn`s, for an oden restaurant called Taro, (Oden is a traditional winter stew-type dish and Taro is a popular male name).  Yet although I could see the sign, when I went outside, I couldn`t find Taro.  The restaurant must have closed down and they left the sign as a kind of gravestone.  The tragedy of Taro: now there`s a manga waiting to be written.

(Editor`s note: For this post only, special permission has been granted for the last paragraph to be enormous – this blogger is a creature of its word)

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