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Love is in the winter air

In the mornings I often listen to TBS radio while dressing for work in my tiny, fridge-like bedroom. The cold is a constant companion. Most mornings involve improvising exercises to keep blood flowing while searching for a matching sock.  TBS has recently been broadcasting an advert encouraging listeners … Continue reading

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A night at the Akihabara theatre

After work today, I wandered into the Don Quijote building on Chuo-dori.  On the gingko tree-lined pavement outside there was a queue for Hot Dogs.  There are 8 floors inside.  Escalators go up through the building`s centre, passing floors filled with erotic French maid outfits and girls school uniforms, video arcade machines and UFO catchers, cartoon creature-themed pillows … Continue reading

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Tokyo man`s working day ritual

Every morning at 10am I stride into the office with a can of coffee in hand.  The canned coffee, I buy from a vending machine on the street.  The purchase has become a ritual, a statement of intent before the grand office entrance.  “Look, … Continue reading

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Rooting for radish

We need energy to fight the cold of winter.  We need vats of veg stinking out the kitchen every night. We need soil, shovel loads of it lining the kitchen floor.  The more smell and soil there is the better.  As my grandad never said, “If … Continue reading

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Let`s Go! Inachu Ping Pong Club (manga)

The boys table tennis club of Ina Junior High School has 6 members – the minimum for club status.  The squad are quite a bunch: the kid with armpits smelly enough to be a national treasure and enough body hair to be … Continue reading

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大寒 – Winter`s final whirl

The weather has become pretty nippy lately. There is a reason: for two weeks we have been longjohning our way through 小寒 (Small Cold).  In a few minutes, it is the 20th of January which makes it, according to the old Chinese calendar, the start … Continue reading

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One more chance at life

Wandering Akihabara the other night, I went searching for some startling sights, some places that would change how I think about Life, Japan and Everything.  Within minutes, I had found 4 places. Spot 1: Mammoth Curry, a small diner, elbow-to-elbow with young Japanese blokes, which only serves … Continue reading

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