One more chance at life

Wandering Akihabara the other night, I went searching for some startling sights, some places that would change how I think about Life, Japan and Everything.  Within minutes, I had found 4 places.

Spot 1: Mammoth Curry, a small diner, elbow-to-elbow with young Japanese blokes, which only serves 1kg curry dishes.  The dish that briefly caught my eye, and flirted with my belly, included 600g of rice, 300g of sauce, 30g of cheese and 5 chunks of karaage (fried) chicken.  (Website address:

Spot 2: Sansaro, the Life Simulation Bar, for over 30s only – according to the advertising, you are reborn each time you enter Sansaro; you get a new chance at living your life again – the summer holidays, the exam times, your first love, your first job hunt etc.

One of the advertised games inside is backgammon.

Backgammon lg.jpg

Spot 3:  The BL Bar – the Boys Love Bar – advertised as nihonhatsu  (The first in Japan). The kanban (sign) outside is a manga drawing of two blokes standing next to each other with the comment – 婦女子キニシナイ which I hesitantly and possibly controversially translate as: No need to worry about fujoshi (fagfans – women fascinated by homosexual male love).

Spot 4: Wattopo, named after a temple in Bangkok, offering traditional Thai massages performed by Japanese girls wearing French maid outfits.


I did not need to walk far to see these 4 spots; they are all in the same building.  I went home too startled to sleep properly.

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4 Responses to One more chance at life

  1. Anonymous says:

    Fag fans? Polite Japan is smoothing your edges. Fag hags.

  2. tomointokyo says:

    My serrated edges will take a lot of smoothing. I thought fag hags are older women who seek the friendship of homosexual males. The word fujoshi, seems to suggest something different. Alternative word ideas warmly welcomed.

    • Anonymous says:

      Now you’re blinding me with your fujoshi. Should’ve known you’d already’ve considered and discounted the hags option but I was sucked in by the siren song of the unvarnished vernacular. Hags are us.

      • tomointokyo says:

        “The siren song of the unvarnished vernacular” – I really like that, might try it at my next karaoke visit. My throat might require plenty of varnishing first though.

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