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A musical crumb from Asakusa

“Asakusa is Asakusa for everyone.  In Asakusa, everything is flung out in the raw.  Desires dance naked.  All races, all classes, all jumbled together forming a bottomless, endless current, flowing day and night, no beginning, no end.  Asakusa is alive…..The masses converge on it … Continue reading

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Job Number One: Photograph Plum Blossom

  The blue sky looked calm and untroubled.  But a bone-chilling wind was blowing down from Siberia.  Even wearing 5 layers the park was an open fridge. This 15 day usui period, when the snowflakes should be melting into raindrops, is seeing little … Continue reading

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A Saturday night in Akihabara

Walking out of the office this evening, my mind felt numb, as if it had been baked over 9 hours into a lifeless, flavourless spongecake.  It either stays numb until I get home, or it wakes with a jolt on a walk around otakuland in Akihabara … Continue reading

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On and off the Sobu line

Snowflakes melting into raindrops were falling outside the guesthouse this morning, perfect weather for usui.  I liked the idea of usui; I wanted to go back to bed and contemplate it.  Instead, I had a 10 minute sprint-march up quiet, narrow residential back streets before … Continue reading

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Winter is packing its bags.

I wonder where winter goes.  I will miss it.

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Trust me: I am not an expert on this

Outside Prime Minster Abe`s house hundreds of people gathered to demand an end to nuclear power in Japan.  The protestors meet every Friday night.  The protest included marching, singing, chanting, banging drums and cymbals, speeches, and yelling abuse at the witless oaf, Prime Minister Abe. My … Continue reading

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Snow, white and black.

Snow settled in Tokyo for the 3rd time this year.  3 times is enough,  anymore will be tedious.  When snow falls, Tokyo turns tenyawanya (bedlam); the trains run late, the pavements become impassable and all the cafes sell out of pastries.  It is hell.

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