Trust me: I am not an expert on this

Outside Prime Minster Abe`s house hundreds of people gathered to demand an end to nuclear power in Japan.  The protestors meet every Friday night.  The protest included marching, singing, chanting, banging drums and cymbals, speeches, and yelling abuse at the witless oaf, Prime Minister Abe.

My impression of the protestors was that they were good-humoured, passionate but very angry people.  They have reason to be angry.

A smaller but boisterous protest outside the Education Ministry. Apologies for the dreadful photo.

A smaller but boisterous protest outside the Education Ministry. Apologies for the dreadful photo.

I heard tonight 3 Fukushima children have been diagnosed with thyroid cancer.  The link to the nuclear plant accident can not be proved though.  Why can`t the link be proved?  Because we do not know enough about nuclear energy.   Nobody knows, not even the experts.

Experts built the Fukushima plant in 1972.  Experts gave the plant regular safety checks.  Experts approved the extension of the plants operation from 40 years to 50 years.

The experts got it tragically wrong.  Expert is now a dirty, tainted word.

Late last year I saw Ishihara Nobuteru in a pre-election TV program; he is now the minister for the Environment and Nuclear Energy Affairs .   He stated: “We should leave the decision on nuclear power to senmonka (experts).”

What!!!!!!  Leave it to the experts?????  Trusting experts is what caused the problem in the first place.  Experts should not make the big decisions about nuclear energy.  We should.  The risks are far too dangerous to leave to experts.

The Fukushima nuclear plant is in a zone notoriously vulnerable to tsunamis.  When they built the plant in the late 1960s, safety was obviously an important issue.  How big could a tsunami be?

Nobody knew, not even the experts.

And nobody knows now.  Predictions are too difficult.  We aren`t clever enough;  let`s face it, we haven`t even cracked weather forecasts yet and we see the sky everyday.

Treat with caution anybody who claims intimate knowledge of the earth`s crust.

So what research did TEPCO do?  They investigated tsunamis within the last 150 odd years.  Why only this period?  Because any tsunamis before that, and there were plenty of them, depend on non-scientific data.

Can we trust anyone who solely depends on scientific data?

Experts are masters of detail, nothing more.  They spend their lives staring at a tree; they shouldn`t be entrusted with the forest.

My rant is over.  Congratulations if you made it this far.  Now time for bed.






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