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Smothered in pink

All credit to them, the cherry blossoms have performed sensationally this hanami season.  Even when up against it, battling the pouring rain and freezing Siberian winds, the big lads in pink tops have oozed class.  Hats off to them. Advertisements

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Flying to Siberia soon

I want a break from the Tokyo rat race.  After giving the problem careful thought, I have decided to become a dusky thrush. It wasn`t an easy decision; there were other animals in contention, but no other Tokyo creatures boast as exciting summer … Continue reading

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A manga dinner in Akihabara.

After work tonight, I wandered over to Pancho, an underground stodge-server in the maid cafe district in Akihabara.  Pancho is an odd spot, part of a small chain of bastardised Italian restaurants which focus on the speedy delivery of vast quantity.  Quality is not a choice.  The only options are for adjustments in … Continue reading

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Home, appearing when least expected.

Spring has sneaked into Tokyo while I was not paying attention.  Today was hot, sticky-sock-June hot, the first time this year I have sought tree cover from the sun.

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A few more portions

Tokyo train journeys remind me of the life I could be having.  Slashes of other people’s lives are on public view. Primary school kids in immaculate navy blue uniforms whispering wicked thoughts to each other, bristly beard foreigners arguing over a tatty guide-book, … Continue reading

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Stuck on the same leaf

Each day I seem to be studying the same leaf, turning it over, letting my eyes linger on every part of it until the leaf is the only thing I can see.  Then suddenly I am forced to look up and see the forest … Continue reading

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Dustcloud in Inokashira Park

As I understood it, the sky is either blue, grey and white.  Under no circumstances should it turn brown.  I felt betrayed today. I remember Devon as being fond of a patchwork of grey and white; Tokyo tends to keep it simpler.  Typically, … Continue reading

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