Furiously searching for the camomile

On the way to Inokashira Park this morning, I made friends with a bird. I found it perched on a branch above the Kanda river, it looked furious, as if violently awoken.  Its agitated head, the size of a table tennis ball, topped with a spiky tuft of bed hair, did not stop moving, relentlessly scanning the riverbank. It was urgently searching for something, but it did not seem to know what.

The bird was a hiyodori (a brown-eared bulbur).  Watching it perform was magical.  Its stress levels were comically high; if any bird needs a cup of camomile and a couch, it is this one.

The hiyodori was the first not-found-in-Devon bird, I have learnt to recognise in Tokyo. They are fairly futsu (common); hiyodori have lived in Tokyo since the 1970`s; before then they were migratory and only visited in the winter.



(Can birds really give up migrating?  Did postwar decadence in Japan even extend to the bird life?)

This relocation perhaps explains the hiyodori`s agitation; he hasn`t settled in yet.

I could sympathise.  I am often confused as to why I am in Tokyo.  And like the hiyodori, I sometimes feel like I am urgently searching for something, but I don`t know what.  So I am just living urgently.

That`s enough birdtalk for now.  My blog posts seem to be getting increasingly random and unpredictable recently, as if I cannot look at the same subject for more than a minute.  I have a short attention span.  Perhaps if a brown-eared bulbur were to write a blog, this is what it would look like.  Perhaps if……..No, I`ll leave it at that.


Read about another foreigner falling for the hiyodori here.

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