A bowler hat, a tartan waistcoat and a frog.

“Linda, Lindaaaa”
“Linda, Linda, Lindahhhhhhhhhh!”

Holding his Mum`s hand, a primary school boy crowned in a navy bowler hat was singing his way to school this morning.  The song was Linda, Linda, a late 1980`s punk song.  I expect he learnt it off his Dad.  It is still a popular karaoke song.  I remember it with a full body wince.

On the other side of the road, an old man in a neatly trimmed grey goatee and tartan waistcoat was exiting the wooden sliding door of his small estate agent business to tend his row of cactus plants outside.  He is magnificent.  It might be worth moving out just for the opportunity to talk to him.

Where was I? Oh, yes, the usui period of the old solar calendar, when snowflakes melt into raindrops, has now finished.  It is no longer allowed to snow.  Since March 5th we have entered keichitsu, a 15 day period when insects come out of hibernation.  Keichitsu 啓蟄 is a warm and springy idea – perfect justification for stuffing away my long johns under the bed.  It as almost 20 degrees today, no need to wrap up mokumoku

Then I wondered, what insects hibernate?  I thought only bears and badgers bothered with hibernation nowadays.  But somebody at work told me frogs hibernate too.  Is this really true?  Surely they`d get bored?

Before this post deteriorates anymore, it is time for bed.  Happy Keichitsu.






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