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A foreigner for lunch

“Get out the gaijin menu,” the soba shop owner anxiously called out to his wife. He turned to me with a broad smile.  All his 3 front teeth were on show. “You looks Canadian,” he ventured. My lumberjack-style check shirt must have been responsible. “No, … Continue reading

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Frills of conversation

Every time I start thinking I can cope with simple conversations, I get rumbled.  Sometimes I can`t even cope with simple greetings in Japanese.  The other morning, my mouth would not move properly to make a ohayo gozaimasu. I only got it together for the last syllable, … Continue reading

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Splashing about in the shallows

Earlier this month I went swimming in the sea during a 4 day break in Okinawa.  The sea was on superb form, a warm, welcoming temperature with the waves in the turquoise shallows gentle and teasing. Further out to sea, in the deep, dark blue water, … Continue reading

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Scattered mind saved by pink and pig

Thousands pink petals sat in a queue on the Kanda river waiting to be washed out to sea.  Many stubbornly refused to follow the flow of water, strong gusts of wind were blowing them back towards Inokashira lake. The pink pile-up attracted a … Continue reading

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