Scattered mind saved by pink and pig

Thousands pink petals sat in a queue on the Kanda river waiting to be washed out to sea.  Many stubbornly refused to follow the flow of water, strong gusts of wind were blowing them back towards Inokashira lake.

The pink pile-up attracted a lot of attention.

Ehhhhhhhh, kore kawa?”  (Wow, is this a river?)

An astonished 7-year-old asked her grandad.

“Yes, it is,” the grandad sagely replied, then ordered her to take a photo.

Stopping to watch the falling blizzards of cherry blossom has been very impressive and a welcome distraction.  Before walking down to the river yesterday morning,  I could not concentrate on anything.  My mind was scattered.  The pink clusters on the river gave it something to focus on.

“Hey, is that a pig?” asked the 7-year-old.

“Yes, it is.  Oh my, yes it is!!!!!!”

Now my mind had something new and entirely unexpected to work on.  The three of us wandered over to meet the two proud owners of a Vietnamese pot-bellied pig, the miniature version.

Urusakunai yo,  (It`s not noisy, you know), the young wife explained, as if noise was the sole reason the rest of the human race do not keep pigs.

The husband joined in:

“It eats anything you know.  But it likes camellia flower heads the best.”

He proved this by pulling a camellia head off a nearby tree.  The pig wolfed the flower down along with grass and fallen cherry blossom.

It was a brilliant morning, and a reminder that I do not need to fly on a plane to see the world.  Its either side of my doorstep

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