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Here comes the clouds

Purple petals are sparkling with raindrops.  My socks are sweating inside my shoes.  A warm clot of cloud has come to stay – a leaking, tin-coloured roof that hangs over each day. Tsuyu (the rainy season) has officially begun, 10 days … Continue reading

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Wisecracks at the dinner table in Akihabara

“Ah……this is it, this is the taste of the Napolitan I ate that day.” This nostalgia-themed advertisement hung on the wall opposite my seat this evening.

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Coping with the heat

Weather comparisons with England are no longer possible; that chance disappeared in April`s English-summer sunshine. From now on, each day is a smothering of increasingly warm and unwelcome mushi mushi mugginess.

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Sidestreet sounds

“Bohhhhhhh  bah,” bugled the tofuman while pulling his cart around the sidestreets of Inokashira yesterday. According to my excellent source (J), tofu selling has been a gyosho (J), (pedlars business) for at least 200 years.  The rappa (bugle) came in around 140 years ago.

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Sando knows no rules

The Japanese attitude to sando (sandwiches) constantly astonishes me.  There seems to be an almost wilful ignorance of the ancient laws of sandwich making.  The traditional sandwich structure in Japan is mocked; it`s a fun food to be played with, a relic of a … Continue reading

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Teetering on Tokyo`s edge

The lady in the brown cardigan and I were matching each other stride for stride.  For an awful moment, it looked like she might overtake me in our rush to get to the station.  In the end, I only won by an elbow. … Continue reading

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One of Tokyo`s weeds

When I was 3-years-old, I used to follow my granddad around the garden pushing a plastic wheelbarrow.  We worked as a team.  He pulled out the weeds; I pulled out the flowers. I still retain that 3 year-old knowledge of the … Continue reading

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