Here comes the clouds

Purple petals are sparkling with raindrops.  My socks are sweating inside my shoes.  A warm clot of cloud has come to stay – a leaking, tin-coloured roof that hangs over each day.

Tsuyu (the rainy season) has officially begun, 10 days earlier than normal, and the 3rd earliest in recorded history (since 1951).

In Tokyo we have had so much dry weather and blue skies, we are owed wet weather.  I won`t feel so guilty phoning home now.  Tsuyu must be the only time of year when Devon has more blue sky than Tokyo.

Nadeshiko? by the Kanda river.

Nadeshiko? by the Kanda river.

Tsuyu is not a popular time of year.  We now face at least a month  of grey clouds, high humidity, and heavy rainfall.

I hope tsuyu finishes early as well.  My brother and his wife are coming to visit in early July.  I may have to put a positive spin on this kind of weather.  I blame the Beatles for overdoing it with the sun worship:  “Sun sun sun here it comes….”  Oh, give me a break.  It`s not as if the whole world revolves around the s……


Quickly moving on.

In all fairness to tsuyu, not all the clouds are grey.  Some are a magnificent white.  These fluffy guardians protect us from the scorching sunshine.  They form the most advanced air-conditioning system in the world – and they are free!

Imagine if you could own a cloud.  Admittedly storage would be tricky, but think of the possibilities.  The Saudis would pay billions for them.  

Another perk of tsuyu is that the parks empty of kids.  We will have all the slides and swings to ourselves.  


I`m struggling now.  Errrr,  the tsuya tsuya sparkle in the wet flower petals?  More time to enjoy fast internet?  Game of backgammon????

Devon`s weather may never seem so good.



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