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A soft rock story

We are now 10 days into this karakara dry rainy season. The air is sticky hot and the ground dry and dusty. I am praying for rain. Today‘s blog is a translation of the first page of a children`s story … Continue reading

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Stories to take with me

Moving out.  Too much to decide.  How much can I throwaway?  With each book I bin I worry my brain gets smaller.  Does the future require Graham Greene or Saint Onisan? It feels like I am choosing which limbs to … Continue reading

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Time for a retune

“A wise man said………Only fools rush in,” This afternoon I sat under a maple tree by Inokashira lake.  The above two lines were almost the only comprehensible lyrics I could make out from an old bloke strumming a guitar on … Continue reading

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Magic words

Unusual noises attract attention.  New words seem especially important; they are valuable weapons in my 35-year-old war against being misunderstood.

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