Time for a retune

“A wise man said………Only fools rush in,”

This afternoon I sat under a maple tree by Inokashira lake.  The above two lines were almost the only comprehensible lyrics I could make out from an old bloke strumming a guitar on the bench next to me.  In every aspect his performance was dreadful: his voice wobbled, stumbling uncertainly through the lyrics, desperately trying to attach them to a tune long since lost.

He did manage to do one thing well.  He was utterly at home with his incompetence.  Constant failure did not ruffle him at all.  And for that I admire him.

More often than not, incompetence comes from lack of practice, not from lack of ability.  Trust me, I have rich experience in this field.

Weather forecast for the rainy season courtesy of NHK.  Can you guess what`s missing?

Weather forecast for the rainy season courtesy of NHK. Can you guess what`s missing?

I have 16 more days left living in Tokyo.  16 more days to memorise every tree in Inokashira Park (note `maple` in line 2).  16 more days to use up the unopened bottles of soy sauce and vinegar in the kitchen cupboard.

Perhaps I should keep them as a warning, a lasting reminder of my hubris late last year when I got carried away after learning how to fry burdock.

From June 25th, I start work on an organic farm in Aomori.  I am doing it for 10 days as part of the WWOOF program.  It will be a challenge.  Even though I am from Devon, an area stereotyped as being full of farmers, my farming experience is limited to a month picking apples in Manjimup 13 years ago.  And I know next to nothing about organic farming.

The managers of the farm don`t seem to know much either.  The farm was only established in late 2011 – “We`re still building the foundations”.  Or is that still kicking out the bears? Obviously they chose not to listen to Elvis`s wise men as well.  Who does?

Whatever the case, I can`t wait.




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4 Responses to Time for a retune

  1. Rurousha says:

    Enjoy your last few days in Tokyo, Tom! I’m sad that you’re leaving, but … I’m already looking forward to your posts from the savage wastelands in Japan’s far north. 😉

    I hope you blog often. Yours truly, who finally joined FB after resisting for 107 years, got suspended for a month. No idea why, but FB kept telling me I wasn’t logged in when I switched from my profile to my page. What can I say? I’m from Africa: discomfort with technology plus a natural tendency to disregard rules. So I’ll have to rely on your blog to keep up, apple by apple.

    PS: Will you return to Tokyo if I promise a live drum performance with a crow chorus at the Imperial Palace?

    • tomointokyo says:

      Thank you, I will definitely come back for that. Good luck getting the crows to sing in tune together.

      The message you sent to me about Namaqualand has been replaced by this:

      This message is no longer available because it was identified as abusive or marked as spam.

      Have no idea why. Perhaps Namaqualand is an offensive word in Albanian. Curse Facebook………

      • Rurousha says:

        Abusive or spam?! No no no. I accept abusive – I’m from Africa, and thus per definition violent – but spam? My pearls of wisdom have been dismissed as spam? Fie, phooey and pshaw!

  2. Rurousha says:

    Oh. Wait. I geddit. It was due to this NSA Prism surveillance thing. The code word for global destruction – Namaqualand – has been outed. Quadruple dang.

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