Stories to take with me

Moving out.  Too much to decide.  How much can I throwaway?  With each book I bin I worry my brain gets smaller.  Does the future require Graham Greene or Saint Onisan?

It feels like I am choosing which limbs to keep and which to dispose of.  My little toes are getting nervous.  They haven`t done anything noticeable lately and I never really understood the point of them in the first place. (Ed: You should have read the instructions)

One manga I will take with me is Toripan by Nanko Torino.  Her bird stories have inspired my recent twitching expeditions.  Her birds have character, humour and their own agenda.  They`re eloquent too.  After reading I want to go out and talk to them.  Or at least collect crumbs with them.

Before Toripan, birds were just bloody annoying.

The manga is not solely about birds.  Her stories include her hometown in Iwate, the Devon of north Japan. (Volcanoes and bears excepted).  I plan to go there later this year.  By then I should know if nature is as interesting as Torino draws it.

This is a short, gitaigo/giongo-rich translation of one Toripan story, Wing 124:

“Many people fantasise about falling into a bed of fukafuka-soft snow.  The reality is not so special though.  Snow has no spring; it is rock hard.

[A jarajara-jangle in Torino`s pocket. She pulls out a few acorns]

Nuts would be much better.  At the end of autumn I would like to gather together a huge pile of tsurutsuru-smooth nuts. then lie on top them and jiwajiwa-gently sink down and be buried in a bed of nuts. ”


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2 Responses to Stories to take with me

  1. Rurousha says:

    What’s the sound you make when you sink into a bed of apples? 😀

    Your book problem? Extremely familiar. I hate to say this – I feel like a traitor – but perhaps Kindle has its merits …

    • tomointokyo says:

      Oouch! If they are Japanese apples. A good English cox`s apple would be more a squish I think. I`d sink face down and biting.
      Regarding the Kindle, I am beginning to see they have their merits, I just don`t what their merits anywhere near me. Yet.
      Books remain the only technology I haven`t managed to break.

      I had a girl on tour once re-reading Gaijin on the Kindle. When we got to Kanazawa, her Kindle broke so she paid for a taxi across town to buy the hardcopy just to read the last two chapters.
      I confiscated her wallet after that.
      Ahhhh, I miss the power of tour leading.

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