7 Kaminoyama: Horseshit

Awake for cockerel crow at 2am. Glut of grey cloud over Zao.

Short prayer to Buddha before working day.

Borotori – taking the turds.  Used kumade, bamboo rake and filled a sack. The horseshit  fertilises the orchards and veg patch.

My performance was deemed, “zatsu” (Sloppy).   Kumade can symbolise wealth –  raking in the money. I went bankrupt. Too much chaff and not enough turd.

Tomorrow I will arm myself with the hook, like the stable boys  “use at British show jumping events.”

Afternoon. Grape-wrapping. Paperbags tied around the bunches.  Protects from insects.

Breaktime. Sat on grassy slope in greenhouse without walls.  With farmer and helper – his younger brother.  Above our heads hung rows of 2 metre high vines and thousands of green grapes

Handed a Yae no Sakura sweetbean-filled wafers and a handle less cup of wheat flavoured tea. Farmer and brother told me about grapes; I tried to tell them about gooseberries.

Scissors in our holsters. We cut out the crush, leaving “at most 30” on a bunch. Quantity sacrificed for quality.  “A work of art.”

Nightime. Farmer stepped on shimahebi, snake in stable shower.  Snakes come to eat the rats.  Rats come to eat the ricehulk in the horse`s bedding.

Hope I don`t meet them tomorrow.

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