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46 Shimokita: A coffee break

On a green hilltop overlooking Mutsu Bay and the Pacific Ocean, a yellow and brown flag was waving marked with the katakana characters for coffee.  The flag doesn`t wave everyday, only when the owner is in the mood.  Her regulars phone in advance to check which … Continue reading

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45 Shimokita: Cape Rocky End

After dropping the kids at school, the wizard drove me to the north-east edge of the Shimokita peninsula, Shiriyazaki (Cape Rocky End) which lurches out into the Pacific. We sat on a grassy bank beneath the lighhouse eating a packed breakfast of sour plum … Continue reading

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44 Shimokita: Meeting the wonderful wizard

The moment I finished putting my tent up, the priest called me back offering to let me sleep at the shrine.  Even though it was dark and the basket-bike had no lights, I immediately accepted.  When else would I get a chance to chat … Continue reading

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43 Shimokita: Big beasts in the Big Gap

The torpedo-like tuna fish are the star attraction in the sprawling port of Oma (Big Gap), at the northern tip of the axe-shaped Shimokita peninsula.  Oma and tuna go together like Devon and cream teas; visitors insist on having some.  A University student in the next tent to … Continue reading

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