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My lodgings are deep in the mountains, below a black wall of rock and beside a racing river. Twinkling stars surround the creamcheese-coloured slither of moon. The pink petals of an old cherry blossom shine in the floodlit Zen temple. A tightrope for meditation training stretches across the grounds. It is 8pm and the town is deserted. Perhaps, as one guest suggested, Japan really is an abandoned theme park.

I escaped from Tokyo earlier today, overwhelmed by its adverts. The best things in life don’t get advertised. I am not sure what they are, but I know I won’t find them in adverts.

I met an old friend in Akasaka for soba noodles and a coffee earlier. It was great. Released from the pressure of work, I could rage incoherently and not fear judgement or ridicule. Raging incoherently is a basic human need. I have neglected this need for too long. Time to wade back into a stream.

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