The Heart Sutra or the Romance of the 3 Kingdoms

I am in the mountains of Nagano on a break between trips. My day has been spent ploughing through a few books: a manga on Sangokushi (the Romance of the Three Kingdoms – highly recommended by a friend in Tokyo), a portayal of Britain by a Japanese journalist – I need all the help I can get right now working out what it means to be British, and I have started reading about the Heart Sutra, a Buddhist text I need to know more about, perhaps for my own sanity, and also so I don’t sound too moronic when I discuss it on future trips.

I normally show no hesitation about sounding moronic, but it is difficult to sound moronic and then expect people to be happy to pay money to listen to it.

These couple of days are a precious escape from real life. I don’t need to talk to anyone. I have barely said a word today. This is fine but it means I have real problems speaking when suddenly confronted with a question. The hotel receptionist asked me earlier if I would like my room cleaned tomorrow. I couldn’t come up with a convincing answer.

News from Britain looks bleak.  It looks like the end of Britain and the end of hope if the Conservatives win convincingly. The whole thing doesn’t seem real again, like a drunken pub brawl no-one wants to get involved in. Maybe I need to look at the Heart Sutra for some answers.

Or perhaps The Romance of the Three Kingdoms is the safest place to put my mind.


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One Response to The Heart Sutra or the Romance of the 3 Kingdoms

  1. samkok911 says:

    I love Romance of the Three Kingdoms, This place is very YES for me.

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