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A schoolboy`s tsunami

Last year Oishinbo, a long running manga series about cooking, published a few episodes featuring the tsunami-hit coastline.   I read one of them today,  the story of the lead characters` visit to Yoboso, a natural food restaurant on the Aomori coast in north-east Tohoku. … Continue reading

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“The toughest time”: Tokyo`s anti-nuclear protest

In the bleak government district of Kasumigaseki, two white tents attract a lot of attention.  Erected on the corner of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry building, the tents have been occupied since September 11th, the 6 month anniversary of the earthquake.

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Habits of a lifetime

Tokyo was socks-in-bed cold this morning.  Only the thought of the sweet treats at the Kugayama breakfast bakery got me out of bed.   After a brisk march along the Kanda river, I downed two coffees, a hash brown, a cheese and tomato slice and an … Continue reading

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A translated poem from Fukushima

I have finally finished translating a poem about living near the radiation-leaking nuclear plant.  I chose to upload it because I think the poem communicates some of the confusion, anger and fear in the region.  

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Death dust over Tokyo

A magnitude 8 earthquake damages the cooling pipes at a nuclear reactor in central Tokyo.  The plant explodes, even though the owner, New Tokyo Electric, had promised the plant would withstand such an earthquake.   

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Dancing in the streets of Fukushima

Buying edamame (boiled soybeans) earnt me a dance with geisha on Saturday night.  It was a surprising turn of events. 

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3 Wrongs of Fukushima

The tsunami caused the nuclear crisis.  In combination with the huge tsunami, the earthquake was a freak unforeseeable event. Fukushima is now a no-go zone.  These are three popular misconceptions I have come across recently.

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