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Flying to Siberia soon

I want a break from the Tokyo rat race.  After giving the problem careful thought, I have decided to become a dusky thrush. It wasn`t an easy decision; there were other animals in contention, but no other Tokyo creatures boast as exciting summer … Continue reading

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Let`s Go! Inachu Ping Pong Club (manga)

The boys table tennis club of Ina Junior High School has 6 members – the minimum for club status.  The squad are quite a bunch: the kid with armpits smelly enough to be a national treasure and enough body hair to be … Continue reading

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Soine: Looking for someone to sleep with?

Shio has just split up with her husband.  She misses him most of all at night times; the loneliness drives her to insomnia.  Her sad struggle to sleep alone gives her the idea of setting up a soine (sleep partner) business.  She calls the company Striped Sheep.  … Continue reading

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GTO: A teacher`s manual for the 21st century.

Watching an episode of Great Teacher Onizuka last night I was moved to the point of tears.  My reaction surprised me; it is after all, only an animated cartoon, albeit a truly great one.  The star of the story is GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka), a … Continue reading

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No ordinary girl – a peek at shojo manga.

Aimed at 10-18 year old girls, shojo manga may not be normal reading material for an adult male.  While I still like to consider myself male, I can`t make a convincing argument for being normal.  So without shame, last week I picked up a copy of volume … Continue reading

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A schoolboy`s tsunami

Last year Oishinbo, a long running manga series about cooking, published a few episodes featuring the tsunami-hit coastline.   I read one of them today,  the story of the lead characters` visit to Yoboso, a natural food restaurant on the Aomori coast in north-east Tohoku.

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Silly suits and funny accents.

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