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Sando knows no rules

The Japanese attitude to sando (sandwiches) constantly astonishes me.  There seems to be an almost wilful ignorance of the ancient laws of sandwich making.  The traditional sandwich structure in Japan is mocked; it`s a fun food to be played with, a relic of a … Continue reading

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Scattered mind saved by pink and pig

Thousands pink petals sat in a queue on the Kanda river waiting to be washed out to sea.  Many stubbornly refused to follow the flow of water, strong gusts of wind were blowing them back towards Inokashira lake. The pink pile-up attracted a … Continue reading

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Smothered in pink

All credit to them, the cherry blossoms have performed sensationally this hanami season.  Even when up against it, battling the pouring rain and freezing Siberian winds, the big lads in pink tops have oozed class.  Hats off to them.

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Home, appearing when least expected.

Spring has sneaked into Tokyo while I was not paying attention.  Today was hot, sticky-sock-June hot, the first time this year I have sought tree cover from the sun.

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Dustcloud in Inokashira Park

As I understood it, the sky is either blue, grey and white.  Under no circumstances should it turn brown.  I felt betrayed today. I remember Devon as being fond of a patchwork of grey and white; Tokyo tends to keep it simpler.  Typically, … Continue reading

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Job Number One: Photograph Plum Blossom

  The blue sky looked calm and untroubled.  But a bone-chilling wind was blowing down from Siberia.  Even wearing 5 layers the park was an open fridge. This 15 day usui period, when the snowflakes should be melting into raindrops, is seeing little … Continue reading

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A spot of tree love

Each morning I listen to TBS radio`s weather forecast.   This week I heard that a kanpa, 寒波 (literally, cold wave), is hitting all of North America, Europe and Japan together.  It seems this shared cold snap is no coincidence;  global cold has teamed up; we`re all in it together. ——————————————————- Today was another fridge-cold day, the sky … Continue reading

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