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A bowler hat, a tartan waistcoat and a frog.

“Linda, Lindaaaa” “Linda, Linda, Lindahhhhhhhhhh!” Holding his Mum`s hand, a primary school boy crowned in a navy bowler hat was singing his way to school this morning.  The song was Linda, Linda, a late 1980`s punk song.  I expect he learnt it off his Dad.  It is still … Continue reading

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On and off the Sobu line

Snowflakes melting into raindrops were falling outside the guesthouse this morning, perfect weather for usui.  I liked the idea of usui; I wanted to go back to bed and contemplate it.  Instead, I had a 10 minute sprint-march up quiet, narrow residential back streets before … Continue reading

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Winter is packing its bags.

I wonder where winter goes.  I will miss it.

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On volcanic slopes

After the farce of Monday`s mini-heatwave, today did February proud.  While walking up the slope to Nishiogi train station, the howling wind blew snow under my transparent umbrella and straight into my face.  It felt exhilarating.  And very cold.

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A date at the launderette.

My washing machine phoned me this morning.  It called me twice actually, the first time with a 5 minute warning, the second call to confirm it had finished its cycle.  It even spoke to me, a flirtatious recorded message asking … Continue reading

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Eel and poetry for lunch

  15 episodes into the eel-themed U manga series, I could bear it no longer.  I had to visit an unagiya (eel restaurant).  There are around 1,000 in Tokyo.  The only one I know locally is called Gennai, a 30-year-old unagiya,  tucked underneath a bicycle park and … Continue reading

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Waking up to New Year Nishiogi

I got back to Tokyo yesterday.  For a while, it felt like I had never been away.  The sky was still blue, the people frosty, and the temperature fridge-cold, much colder than tropical Devon.  My first task, which took 45 minutes, was to track down the yutanpo (hot … Continue reading

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